Victoria Beckham Opens Up About The 'Life-Changing Moment' She Realized It Was Time To Leave Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham Opens Up About The 'Life-Changing Moment' She Realized It Was Time To Leave Spice Girls
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In a new piece for British Vogue, Victoria Beckham opened up about her career as well as her personal life via a letter she addressed to her future self. That being said, she took this opportunity to also reveal the very moment she realized it was time to leave Spice Girls and how she felt about it!

The singer went on to start her own fashion empire since she became a very successful designer and talked about that as well, among many other things.

'2020 and 2021 are in the distant past, but you have carried the lessons of that time with you. I hope you're reading this on a beach, surrounded by all the people that you love! Give them huge hugs for me (wait, am I the shortest in the family now?!). You have experienced more togetherness with your family than you ever imagined possible (all 293 days of it and counting), and it's something you will no doubt cherish,' she stared the letter, talking to Victoria from the future.

In the same letter, she proceeded to then dive into her past as a girl group member after also discussing how it's been to run multiple businesses, especially this past year, during the pandemic.

'Remember years ago, while watching your friend Elton John on stage in Las Vegas. He performed 'Tiny Dancer,' as if it was the first time, and you realized that this was like oxygen for him. It was a life changing moment—while singing and dancing was fun for you, it was not your passion. That day, you started your own quest to uncover your dreams. It was time to step away from Spice Girls. For the first time, you were venturing on your own, and it was terrifying,' she wrote.

She admitted that at the time, closing such a massive chapter in her life that defined her in such a way, was terrifying.


But she's managed to get out of her comfort zone many times since and she is not done reinventing herself, as she acknowledged that even her future self will most likely still be doing that while reading her letter.

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