Val Kilmer Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis In New Auto-Biography

Val Kilmer Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis In New Auto-Biography
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Val Kilmer, the actor who was on top of the acting world in the 1980s and 1990s with movies like Batman Forever and Top Gun , has receded into the shadows, for the most part, only occasionally coming out to discuss what he's been up to lately.

Initially, it was rumored that the Batman Forever alum had contracted throat cancer, but it was never confirmed until the recent past. Just Jared claims Val, however, dropped a brand new autobiography in which he discussed his cancer diagnosis.

The book is called, I'm Your Huckleberry, and in the memoir, Val finally confirmed that he did, in fact, struggle with cancer, despite claims to the contrary. Three years ago, Val Kilmer confirmed he was diagnosed in April.

Val has stayed relatively silent on the matter since then. According to Just Jared, Val first noticed his health was in decline when he was staying at Cher's guest house in 2015. Kilmer explained to People Magazine that one night, he woke up and was vomiting blood in bed.

According to Kilmer, when the paramedic arrived, whom he described as being as handsome as Gregory Peck, he noticed Cher was looking him up and down. Kilmer claims he said to her, "hubba hubba," and bounced his eyebrows up and down like "Groucho Marx."

According to the actor, the situation was dire but Cher couldn't help but laugh at Kilmer's response. Kilmer noted the irony of the interaction, and claims they wrapped him up after finishing his vitals and gave him an oxygen mask.

After beating cancer, it never came back. As it was noted above, Kilmer hasn't been seen in public much over the last few years, except for when he showed up in October 2019. Interestingly, the actor has developed somewhat of a cult following on social media.

In the last few years, memes of Val Kilmer have been popularized due to the actor's change of appearence, including one where Kilmer is looking over at the camera, and a caption on the bottom of the photo that says, "Hey guys, remember when I did Batman?"

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