Val Kilmer Reveals He ‘Couldn’t Wait To Kiss’ Angelina Jolie Before Shooting 'Alexander' And Gushes Over Her In New Memoir!

Val Kilmer Reveals He ‘Couldn’t Wait To Kiss’ Angelina Jolie Before Shooting 'Alexander' And Gushes Over Her In New Memoir!
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Val Kilmer just had to talk about kissing Angelina Jolie in their movie, Alexander, in his new tell all titled I’m A Huckleberry. The actor opened up about the 2004 film in the memoir, mentioning just how excited he was for the smooching scene with the actress.

Aside from that, Val had only great things to say about Jolie.

In fact, his words were really sweet and pretty poetic, praising her in a very special way.

‘I always say, she’s like other women and other superstars, but just more. More gorgeous. More wise. More tragic. More magic. More grounded. Is it worth it? Worth knowing people who require weeks of effort to understand even a little? Yes,’ he writes.

He goes on to recall meeting her and share all about his experience shooting with Jolie for the movie Alexander in the mid-2000s.

Val dished that they already knew each other before working together since they met on a New York City street and ‘developed a friendship.’

The star also wrote about telling the film’s director Oliver Stone that he would only take on the role if ‘the king and queen could have flashbacks to falling hard for each other and storming the castle with passion, before turning against each other.’

While he was ‘half kidding’ when he asked that, things definitely worked out in his favor.

He recalls how ‘I couldn’t wait to kiss Angie, buy her a Gulfstream jet and have V + J painted in rainbow glory on the tail. She had recently adopted her first child, Maddox, and the paparazzi were obsessed with this postmodern Madonna, the perfect picture of unapproachable stardom and impossibly chic maternal instinct.’

Unfortunately for Val, Angelina went on to then shoot Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt.

The two fell in love on set and went on to enter a decade long relationship before their divorce in 2016.

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