Justin Long And His Brother Say They Might Have The Coronavirus

Justin Long And His Brother Say They Might Have The Coronavirus
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Justin Long and his brother, Christian, are certain they've contracted COVID-19 but claim they're not able to get tests, Page Six recently reported. On Justin Long's podcast, Life is Short, this Tuesday, the pair of brothers talked about how they started to feel sick after Christian's girlfriend came back from a work trip.

The 41-year-old joked with his brother that they should go around telling everyone they contracted the virus. Justin said he might have it too. The 38-year-old said in response that they weren't just being paranoid; he's certain they got it.

According to Justin, Christian's girlfriend, Maggie, came back from a work trip not long ago and was experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Shortly after, both of them started feeling a bit under the weather. Justin said Maggie's symptoms were exactly what the public and CDC has described, including fever, dry cough, and chills.

With all of that said, Maggie is on the 12th day of her recovery time and she's been feeling a lot better now. However, the insidious part of her recovery is that not long after her symptoms had gone away, both Christian and Justin started to notice symptoms.

According to the Jeepers Creepers alum, he started to worry about contracting COVID-19 due to some flu-like symptoms like tightness in the chest, nausea, headaches, and achiness. Additionally, the actor claimed both his brother and his girlfriend lost their sense of taste and smell.

Reportedly, neither men were able to get the test because they weren't considered as posing a risk. With all that said, however, they were advised to self-quarantine to avoid spreading the virus, just in case they did have it.

If Justin and his brother did, in fact, contract COVID-19, it wouldn't be the first time a prolific actor got it. Near the beginning of the pandemic's spread to the United States, Tom Hanks reported that he and his wife were feeling sick in Australia. They tested positive for coronavirus and were subsequently quarantined.

Both parties have since returned to the United States.

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