Justin Long Surprises Fan Who Thought He Died

Justin Long Surprises Fan Who Thought He Died
Credit: Source: Maggie Q/Instagram

Justin Long humorously surprised a fan who thought he had died. It all started when Justin Long shared several photos of himself with Maggie Q on his official Instagram account, where he has 373,000 followers. Maggie was a guest on his podcast "Life is Short With Justin Long" and he shared the photos along with the announcement. Maggie then shared the post on her official Instagram account, along with a comment about their changed appearance. Maggie had light auburn hair in the photo and she made a remark about Justin looking as if he was trying out for freshmen basketball.

Maggie stated the following.

" My dear friend, THANK YOU for being my family for so many years. Why is my hair this color and WHY do you look like you’re trying out for freshman basketball?"

The two worked together in Die Hard 4 and have enjoyed a long and close friendship over the years. You may see the photos that Maggie Q shared on her official Instagram account below.

The Instagram account Comments by Celebs quickly saw Justin responding to a comment on Maggie's original post. After Maggie Q shared the photo and special remarks about her good friend Justin, whom she considers family, someone responded with a morose remark. A user named @thespicyoppa posted the following comment.

"Yo, I thought he died."

Justin took the comment in stride and had a bit of fun with it and answered with one word only — surprise! He also added a smiley face emoji.

You may see the conversation as it carried out, along with Justin Long's response below.

It's not uncommon for people to mistakenly believe that a celebrity has passed away when they are still alive. You'll often find this occurs on social media when someone's name begins trending and other people will chime in that they thought a person had passed on when they are still with us.

What do you think about the way Justin Long handled the situation?

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