Val Kilmer Says The Worst Part About Losing His Voice Is That He 'Laughs Like A Pirate'

Val Kilmer Says The Worst Part About Losing His Voice Is That He 'Laughs Like A Pirate'
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Fans of Val Kilmer know that he struggled through throat cancer over the last few years, however, he was initially quite resistant about telling the public. These days, the actor has been more candid about the cancer diagnosis that led him to receive a tracheotomy just a few years ago.

During an episode of Good Morning America , Val chatted with the host of the program to discuss the memoir he just released, I'm Your Huckleberry. According to Entertainment Tonight, Kilmer sounds a lot different than he used to these days.

The actor presses his hands to his neck while talking due to the aforementioned throat operation. A tracheotomy is a procedure where a breathing tube is inserted into the front of the neck to help the patient breathe.

Kilmer said to the host that he "feels a lot better" than the way he sounds. Kilmer explained that he was diagnosed with throat cancer, but he was fortunate enough to have it heal quickly. His breathing was inhibited by the swelling of the glands, part of the reason why the operation was needed.

When asked about what he misses about his old voice, Kilmer joked that it was great to even have a voice, and he didn't "laugh like a pirate" pre-operation. In Kilmer's book, ET claims, the actor writes extensively about his former girlfriends, including Cher, Cindy Crawford, and Angelina Jolie.

During his GMA appearence, Kilmer dished on what he thought drew women to him earlier in his life. Kilmer described himself as "committed," which many of the aforementioned women were as well. Using the example of Cindy Crawford, Kilmer explained she was the biggest model in the world at that time.

It takes a certain amount of dedication to get oneself to that position. As for what he's been up to lately, Kilmer said he is just trying to enjoy a quiet life where he lives, New Mexico. Regarding his career, Kilmer recently landed a role in Top Gun: Maverick , where he'll star as "Iceman" again.

Kilmer explained that he and Tom were laughing between takes like they were in "high school."

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