UFC President Dana White Says That 'Fight Island' Shouldn't Be Confused With 'Fantasy Island'

UFC President Dana White Says That 'Fight Island' Shouldn't Be Confused With 'Fantasy Island'
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Dana White says that Fight Island will begin on the 11th of July, with state-of-the-art facilities in the octagon on the beach, but there is one big problem. TMZ had a chat with the UFC president recently in which he updated fans on the aforementioned Fight Island, created amid the coronavirus pandemic that kicked off this year.

Dana said he was worried about the difference between the reality of Fight Island and the fantasy of it. White said that fighters aren't going to fight alongside tiki torches, and he won't be sitting on a massive thrown placed above the octagon.

During his chat with TMZ Live, Dana explained that he and the UFC collaborators created an area, a small arena that he described as "very, very cool." According to White, the fighters will have their own places to train and there will also be an octagon on the beach as well.

You can check out what Dana had to say in the YouTube video below:

These days, White and the rest of the UFC are getting ready for UFC 250 this Saturday featuring Felicia Spencer and Amanda Nunes. White is also excited about Sean O'Malley, who recently beat Jose Alberto Quinonez in March of this year.

Dana has been a lot more visible this year following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the 23rd of May, 2020, Bridget Hill reported that Dana White posted a Twitter video in which Conor McGregor's head was superimposed over an alligator and then a fighting bull.

Conor is easily one of the most contentious and controversial athletes in all of sports. The star has created a reputation for himself as not only a great fighter but also a larger-than-life personality that draws a lot of eyeballs to the screen for UFC fights.

The aforementioned video of Conor features his image posted over a bull and an alligator. Moreover, at another point in the video, Dana White rides in on a scooter before he's viciously attacked by a bull with Conor's head superimposed over it.

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