Leonardo DiCaprio Supports Black Lives Matter - Says He's 'Committed' To Learning And Action

Leonardo DiCaprio Supports Black Lives Matter - Says He's 'Committed' To Learning And Action
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Leonardo DiCaprio came out to support the black community amid the ongoing protests around the world regarding the death of George Floyd. Page Six reported on an Instagram post today from the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor in which he clearly communicated his support.

The Aviator alum wrote, "I commit to listen, learn, and take action," on Thursday night, and stated he was "dedicated" to improve the lives of African-Americans around the country. He says the "disenfranchisement of Black America" has persisted in the United States for far too long.

According to the 45-year-old The Revenant star, he will support various charities, organizations, and other coalitions who have been fighting for prolonged and continuing change.

Leo says that he'll be donating money to a number of pro-black groups, including the Equal Justice Initiative, the NAACP, the Fair Fight Action, and the Color of Change. Fans of Leo know that he's often very vocal in various philanthropic endeavors, including climate change.

Earlier this year in April, DiCaprio kicked off America's Food Fund with the help of Laurene Powell Jobs. The organization was created to help raise money for individuals suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic. Thus far, DiCaprio and Powell-Jobs' initiative has accrued around $26,000,000.

As was noted above, Leonardo DiCaprio is active in a number of charitable sectors, including environmental energy, sustainable practices, and climate change.

In fact, Fortune Magazine reported back in 2017 that Leonardo DiCaprio was one of Beyond Meat's biggest investors at that time. A number of other high-profile celebrities and executives contributed to the cause as well, including Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and even Bill Gates.

A former CEO of McDonald Corporation also invested in Beyond Meat, a company that specializes in creating products that are designed to imitate meat.

On the 17th of October, 2017, Beyond Meat wrote on their website that they were proud to add Mr. DiCaprio to their family. They described him as not only as an investor but also one of their biggest advocates as well.


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