Dana White Shares Hilarious Photoshopped Video Of Conor McGregor As Spanish Fighting Bull

Dana White Shares Hilarious Photoshopped Video Of Conor McGregor As Spanish Fighting Bull
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Conor McGregor and Dana White have definitely had a few problems here and there over the last decade. Every UFC fan - and sports fans in general - know that Conor McGregor has grown to be the sport's most controversial figure.

Over the last ten years, Conor has garnered a reputation for himself as not only a stellar fighter but also a fantastic entertainer and draw for the UFC. It's not uncommon for McGregor to attract fans to the sport who are not normally engaged at all.

On the other hand, Conor has got himself into trouble a number of times over the last decade, including when he threw a dolly at a bus carrying Khabib and his team on it. Regardless of his past controversies and mistakes, McGregor has continued in the sport and has even sparred with the UFC president, Dana White.

The two are sometimes at odds with each other, but that doesn't mean that Dana doesn't enjoy messing around as well, a fact recently demonstrated by a tweet shared below by the UFC boss:

In the tweet shared, McGregor's image and likeness have been superimposed over what appeared to be a Spanish fighting bull. Moreover, his face was superimposed as an alligator who swims through the swamp while talking trash in Conor's typical style.

The ending of the video is likely what made Dana laugh the most because a man on a scooter rides up to Conor with Dana's face and Conor attacks him as well. These days, Conor has been trying to get a fight with Justin Gaethje following his Tony Ferguson defeat.

Despite McGregor's massive trash-talking, Gaethje appears to be more interested in getting a fight with Khabib, the fighter who famously tapped out Conor this past year. As most know, the fight was easily one of the most controversial at the time due to the months of feuding, build-ups, fights, and tension beforehand.

Khabib defeated Conor and then jumped out of the cage and attacked some of his associates sitting in the crowd.

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