Victor Cruz Reveals How He Explained What Racism Is To His 8-Year-Old Daughter

Victor Cruz Reveals How He Explained What Racism Is To His 8-Year-Old Daughter
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Pop of the Morning's Victor Cruz gave an interview to Daily Pop on E! News and the man opened up about George Floyd’s death and the current protests going on all over the world. The discussion about racial inequality and police brutality was even more impactful since Cruz revealed how he explained the concept of racism to his young daughter!

As fans know, Victor is the parent to 8 year old Kennedy and amid the explosive protests in the name of seeking justice for George Floyd and trying to make a positive change in general, he found himself having a very difficult conversation with his child.

‘For starters, just trying to explain the things that, you know, she has seen. Like, George Floyd having his neck kneed down by a police officer. Like, I have to explain it to her. Her biggest question was, 'Why didn't he take his knee off his neck?'’ he dished.

Victor went on to mention that in order to respond to that very legitimate question, he had to go more in depth and give context to the murder.

Obviously, that context was racism and he felt like it was his duty to explain what that was to his 8 year old.

‘And then I have to further explain, who you are and you are a young black queen and why there's gonna be people out here that do not like you solely because of the color of your skin and where you come from,’ the father recalled telling Kennedy.

Victor mentioned that she was a bit confused hearing that at first.

However, after watching more news and multiple conversations about racism with her dad, the little girl understands better now.

The former NFL added: ‘I’m just happy that I can be there to guide her through something like this. For someone like myself, and even for my mom, had to kind of learn on the fly…adapt to a world as opposed to getting someone that has been through it to kind of reach back down and give you that advice.’

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