Tyra Banks Allegedly Fuming About Jay Manuel's New Book And Is Making People Choose Sides!

Tyra Banks Allegedly Fuming About Jay Manuel's New Book And Is Making People Choose Sides!
Credit: Source: Love B. Scott

If you haven't heard by now Jay Manuel, beloved former creative director on America's Next Top Model , has a satirical novel out based on his life and the show. Although they seemed to be as thick as thieves on the series, Tyra Banks and Jay no longer speak.

The supermodel is reportedly fuming about not only Jay's book but also the interviews and snippets that are coming out as a result of it.

Manuel was a co-star, makeup artist, and friend to Banks but eventually quit the cult-classic once it became a toxic environment.

The Wig, The B*tch, & the Meltdown is the name of the novel that is based on the times that he worked with Tyra but also other big industry names.

Sources claim that the runway legend is so upset that she has told those who worked on the ANTM team to not give it any attention.

' Tyra is not happy about the book. There was some kind of meeting with Tyra [and] some sort of message was sent out regarding the book coming out. A couple of months ago, she asked a lot of the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ family to not interact with Jay and to not support the book,' the Jasmine Brand reported.

Well, this must have worked because his former co-star, Miss J, has cut off all communication with him. This is a shock to fans because the two have maintained a friendship well beyond the series. In fact, they used to go Live on Instagram together quite often and were scheduled to do so again recently until Miss J pulled out with no notice.

Insiders close to Banks claim that Tyra was more hurt than angry about the things written in the book.


Neither Miss J nor Tyra have publicly commented on the novel or the drama surrounding it.

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