Tyra Banks Has Been Just Named The New Host For The Hit Reality Competition Series 'Dancing With The Stars'

Tyra Banks Has Been Just Named The New Host For The Hit Reality Competition Series 'Dancing With The Stars'
Credit: New York Post

It's been just revealed that Tyra Banks has been named as the new host for the reality competition series 'Dancing With The Stars.' Her fans could not be more excited to learn the news.

More than that, it's been also revealed that she will also executive produce the show for the upcoming season as well.

Someone said: 'Hope the contestants are not sensitive... cause she doesn’t gaf,' and another follower posted this: "She can’t dance.'

One commenter wrote: 'She’s hosting the show,' and someone else said: 'haha haha!!! Lolol she’s not going to be a Judge! That was funny af tho! Lolol.'

One other follower posted this: 'Wasn’t she just canceled for talking about the one girl teeth Gap,' and someone else said: 'girl she might be canceled to you.'

Another person said: 'looking back that whole show was extremely problematic.'

One follower wrote this message: 'So y’all mad Bc Tyra was doing everything that the modeling industry was doing back then but let it be somebody else that did the same thing then y’all wouldn’t have a problem with it.'

One other follower said: 'Didn’t she host something else and we all hated it?? We only liked ANTM,' and a person posted this: 'yep she was awkward on AGT so they replaced her with Terry Crews.'

In other news, Tyra has been getting a lot of backlash for her past on America’s Next Top Model!

While at the time, some of the things she did and said were not considered that bad in society’s eyes, to a much more progressive and aware 2020 world, the resurfaced videos look like she was really crossing all the lines.

But not too long ago she made sure to address the criticism that she's been getting, especially online. She responded to all the haters in a dialogue with ET.

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