Tyga Made A Daring Move After Kylie Jenner Posted This Sultry Photo -- He Is Giving Travis Scott A Hard Time

Tyga Made A Daring Move After Kylie Jenner Posted This Sultry Photo -- He Is Giving Travis Scott A Hard Time
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Has Tyga really managed to get over Kylie Jenner? Some of his fans seem to doubt that, as the rapper has recently expressed a lot of excitement over a photo of his ex-girlfriend that focused on her rear assets and he made sure to like the sexy photo.

Tyga had a thing or two to say about how nice she looked, and he was not trying to hide his attitude towards the photo.

And it looks like fans of the rapper have picked up the discussions in light of the recent developments around Kylie and her former boyfriend, Travis Scott.

The two have been separated for a while now, and while Travis has been working hard to try and win her back, that does not seem to be going anywhere.

However, rumors indicate that Kylie might be inclined to give him a chance behind the scenes. It is hard to say that Kylie lacks attention from men right now, as she has being eyed from multiple sides already.

And it also does not seem like she minds all of that either, as she has been moving forward with her life with a lot of confidence.

At this point, it looks like the ball is in her court, though, and she may be planning something that will surprise all of her fans.

It is evident that she is trying to play things safely right now in any case, and she would be smart to do so, too. Hopefully, the whole situation plays out in her favor and does not end up backfiring on her.

One person close to Kylie spoke to Hollywood Life and had this to say about her state of mind: “Kylie has always been grateful because she knows that all of her sisters support her no matter what decision she makes when it comes to her personal life. That includes whether or not she decides to enjoy the single life and being young for now, getting back with any of her exes, or even casually dating at this point.”

The insider added: “However, Kylie has no interest in jumping into any serious relationship right now. She is very much adjusting to life without Travis [Scott].”

The family friend claimed: “Kylie is incredibly mature for her age and independent, and her sisters know she’ll make the best decision for herself no matter what direction she chooses.”

Tyga has been spotted looking happy now that Kylie and Travis have broken up.

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