Two Charges Dropped In Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Domestic Abuse Case

Two Charges Dropped In Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Domestic Abuse Case
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Earlier this week, two domestic abuse charges were dropped against Jersey Shore star, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, involving his ex-girlfriend, Jen Harley, TMZ has learned. The outlet claims that authorities dropped criminal threats as well as brandishing a weapon.

Speaking with reporters from Page Six, Ortiz-Magro's attorney-at-law, Scott Leemon, stated that the charges and stories surrounding Ortiz-Magro's arrest were both "exaggerated and factually incorrect." His lawyer added that upon deliberation, the City's Attorney agreed and chose to drop the aforementioned charges.

They're hoping the same thing will be done for other charges as well. Harley is represented by the celebrity lawyer, Lisa Bloom, who hasn't commented publicly on the new developments yet.

Back in October, the 34-year-old was apprehended by authorities for supposedly hitting his girlfriend, resisting arrest, and also running after her while brandishing a knife. Police charged Ronnie with a number of crimes, around seven misdemeanor charges.

Regardless, Ronnie is still up against more, including two counts of resisting arrest, false imprisonment, child endangerment, and domestic violence. Back in January of this year, the couple was involved in another domestic violence altercation.

Ronnie and his attorney have argued that Harley was actually the aggressive one. Bloom said to Page Six at one point that she would fight for her client's rights in a court of law, and they would win. Lisa added that Harley was a "domestic violence victim."

The former partners called off their relationship in September of 2019 after a long and heated romance, consisting of many breakups and reunions.

They have a 1-year-old daughter named Ariana Sky. For months, rumors persisted that Ronnie and Jennifer would finally be over for good after years of dating intermittently in a whirlwind romance. However, the couple has been in many fights, and even the cast of Jersey Shore has expressed repeatedly that they should probably not be together anymore.

Previously, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro said his number one motivation for getting better was for his 1-year-old daughter with Jen Harley. He said he wanted to be a better man for not only his child but Harley as well.

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