Travis Scott Is Reportedly Angry After Nick Cannon Shades His Romance With Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott Is Reportedly Angry After Nick Cannon Shades His Romance With Kylie Jenner
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Travis Scott is reportedly mad at Nick Cannon after he shaded his love with Kylie Jenner. It was already reported that Nick clammed Travis for agreeing to perform for the NFJ despite the legal dispute with free agent and activist Colin Kaepernick.

He accused the league of conspiring to keep him from playing for a new team, Hollywood Life reported.

After that, Nick got more and more personal with Travis, and he slammed the man for some really private choices such as the mother of his child, Kylie Jenner .

'The people you choose to interact with. The people you choose to procreate with… That decision wasn’t for the culture,' Nick said in the interview with TMZ on January 22.

This was definitely a massive attack aimed at Kylie, Stormi Webster's mom.

Now, a source know knows more on the subject addressed it for the same online magazine mentioned above.

'Nick should get in line behind everyone else that is having beef with Travis,' the source said.

The same insider continued and told the publication that 'Travis doesn’t care what Nick has to say about him. He does care that he talked about Kylie. That wasn’t cool.'

Travis also reportedly still defends his decision to grace the Super Bowl stage, despite the backlash, according to the very same source who talked to Hollywood Life:

'To Travis, the Super Bowl halftime show is an opportunity that not many people get to do. He is performing for him.'

Other than this, Travis is reportedly planning to ask Kylie to marry him, and he wants to make his proposal one to remember forever by his wife and the whole world. We're really curious what he'll come up with.


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