Nick Cannon Claims That Travis Scott Is Doing Kylie's Bidding - He's Not Here "For The Culture"

Nick Cannon Claims That Travis Scott Is Doing Kylie's Bidding - He's Not Here "For The Culture"
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Travis Scott's decision to play at the Superbowl Halftime show this year has sparked the ire of many of his peers in hip-hop as well as in the black community.

As the story goes, Cardi B, Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Common, and many others aren't pleased that Scott has chosen to collaborate with the NFL after the Colin Kaepernick controversy. The idea is that the NFL supposedly disrespects African-Americans, and no black artist should perform there.

However, Travis has chosen to not heed the advice of others, including Jay-Z who allegedly approached him in private and told him not to work with the NFL. Common is another person who came out to say that what Travis was doing, whatever it was -  he can't support that.

Nick Cannon, as well, insinuated that Travis did the wrong thing, having kids with Kylie Jenner. Cannon insinuated that Travis has been turning his back on black people everywhere and that Kylie Jenner's relationship with him has played a role in that.

When he spoke with Raquel Harper, Cannon said that Big Boi earned the right to perform at the controversial event, representing his home city of Atlanta. However, according to Cannon, Scott doesn't have the same "cultural equity."

According to Nick, he's "team Kaepernick all day," and he added that Travis doesn't have the same kind of "cultural equity," and a result of that, is that he has to walk "more gingerly." The star went on to say, "the person you choose to procreate with," that wasn't "for the culture."

Nick has been in the headlines lately for a number of different reasons, mostly political. For one, he was on Team Hart during the Oscars and Kevin Hart controversy, in which Kevin had to back down from the ceremony because he refused to apologize for his jokes.

Later on, he did apologize to the LGBT community anyway, but still declined to host the Oscars. While many people weren't pleased with the fact Kevin said 'sorry' anyway, preferring to see him stand his ground, others suggested his apology - while at the same time refusing to host - was worth a thousand words.

In other words, he communicated that he refused to host the Oscars, but was still apologetic for how he looked at gay people in the past. It was a way of standing up for himself, but at the same time acknowledging his mistake.


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