Travis Barker Gets Candid About His Survivor's Guilt And PTSD Years After Terrifying Plane Crash

Travis Barker Gets Candid About His Survivor's Guilt And PTSD Years After Terrifying Plane Crash
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The former Blink 182 rocker opened up about dealing with PTSD in the years that followed his plane crash back in 2008 that nearly killed him. During a brand new interview for Men's Health, Travis Barker talked about that experience and his mental health struggles that stemmed from the scary accident, including the struggle with survivor's guilt since he was the only one that lived after the plane crash.

In case you don't know, Travis and friend Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein were going home after a South Carolina show at the time, when the tires on their plane blew up during takeoff.

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This resulted in the two pilots, assistant Chris Baker as well as security guard Charles Still passing away.

While both Barker and his friend, Goldstein survived the crash, the latter suffered third-degree burns that covered 65% of his body and needed no less than 26 surgeries to survive and recover.

Sadly, however, about a year after the tragedy, Goldstein lost his life after an accidental drug overdose.

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Barker tells the publication about the trauma he was left with that 'I was dark... I could not walk down the street. If I saw a plane [flying], I was determined it was going to crash, and I just did not want to see it.'

He went on to say that the time that has passed as well as therapy have really helped him a lot and so, there are now days that he wakes up without the crash on his mind.


'The closer that I was to it, it felt like I was closer to all the bad stuff than I'm to the good stuff - to the experience of trying to escape, being burned and trying to grab my friends from the burning plane. That haunted me for a really long time. I was always thinking about that. Now it has been so many years, it is getting easier for me. There are days where I will wake up and not think about it.'

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