Toya Wright And Blac Chyna Both Rock An Aaliyah Shirt And Fans Are Here For It

Toya Wright And Blac Chyna Both Rock An Aaliyah Shirt And Fans Are Here For It
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A few days ago Blac Chyna shared a few pics on her social media account in which she was rocking an Aaliyah shirt and fans were in love with it. Fans praised her shirt in the comments section, also asking her why she lost so much weight.

Someone gushed over Chyna's outfit, saying 'Love your clothes, I can never afford them, but you always look beautiful.'

Another follower also loved her shirt: 'Yassss I See Aaliyah On That Shirt Boo! 😍' while someone else seemed worried about Chyna's weight: 'If you get any smaller, you will be nothing what happened? you used to be thick now your skinny.'

Another supporter also wants the shirt: 'Aaliyah shirt! I need chy! 😩🔥'

Toya Wright spotted the shirt on Fashion Nova as well and was also quick to flaunt in on social media in a short clip.

Needless to say, Toya's fans loved this outfit as well and made sure to praise it in the comments section.

Toya was recently in the spotlight for clapping back at Meek Mill after the fans mocked lace-front wigs online.

Meek said 'I just hate when you see that lace cap line in front all slicked down and the net in the middle 😅 we letting y’all have everything else …. ask y’all man how he feels lol.'

He continued and said: 'And I can still be attracted to a woman wearing them … but my thoughts be like “is that a wig.'

Anyway, after explai9ning that he simply doesn't like wigs, he closed the subject, as more and more women bashed him online.

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