Toya Wright Mocks Meek Mill's Lace-Front Wig Comment While Looking Fly In New Video

Toya Wright Mocks Meek Mill's Lace-Front Wig Comment While Looking Fly In New Video
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MC Meek Mill has landed in some serious troubles with women including Toya Wright for slamming lace-front wigs.

The rapper posted a long Twitter thread where he revealed that he is not a fan of wigs after having a traumatizing experience with a woman who had one on and it slipped off while trying a position.

Meek Mill said:

Toya took to social media where she posted a new wig and mocked Meek Mill.

Upon seeing the backlash, Meek decided to respond: "I just hate when you see that lace cap line in front all slicked down and the net in the middle 😅 we letting y’all have everything else .... ask y’all man how he feel lol."

The rapper went on to say: "And I can still be attracted to a woman wearing them ... but my thoughts be like “is that a wig.”

He claimed: "I seen this girl wig shift back and none of her girlfriends told her I was like ummm ummm ummm."

Women are still bashing Meek.

One person said: "This hair is everything! Honestly had no clue she wore wigs😳 that must be. Errrbody knows he’s talking about Nicki....... why are these women even putting themselves in the mix. One thing tho when you pull off that lace you better have inches and bundles just like the wig black women hate their own hair I thank God for mines and ain’t afraid to wear it nothing wrong with wearing wigs or weaves but if those wigs stop coming how would you rock your real hair 🤷🏽‍♀️Sit back and chill out on the entertainment."

Another commenter stated: "Why don’t black women wear their natural hair? Her hair always on point I'm sure he wasn't speaking to her! It’s beautiful. So everybody feeling away because he stated his opinion?...ugh. Just like R Kelly music lace fronts is about to go up in sales. Can we have the Natural challenge one of these days .. real everything challenge, let’s see who win that."

A third follower explained: "Ever since I saw how good it looks on Toya, I’ve been contemplating taking that leap. All of you know what lace fronts he’s talking about 😩😩😩😩those with too much glue and baby hairs. means the lace is so melted you can’t tell because it looks like it’s coming out your scalp, but when you see so many bad ones, it’s hard to get it 😂😂😂😂."

What are your thoughts on wigs?

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