Tori Spelling Pens Heartfelt Birthday Message To Stepson Jack Revealing Their Special Bond

Tori Spelling Pens Heartfelt Birthday Message To Stepson Jack Revealing Their Special Bond
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Tori Spelling penned a heartfelt birthday message to her stepson Jack. She got candid about their relationship over the years, revealing the special bond they share today.

Dean McDermott's oldest son Jack turned 21, and Spelling did not want his special day to go without honoring him. The BH90210 star used Instagram to share the touching tribute.

"Ok I'm gonna embarrass you for a second @thejackmonty … I've known this guy since he was almost 7. I loved when we met bc he had no idea who I was. And, I don't mean tori spelling, but the woman his dad was dating. He was going thru so much, and his mom and dad were trying their best to navigate a very difficult situation for a boy his age. Divorce," she began her lengthy message.

It is no secret Tori and Dean were both married when they met. Their affair wrecked both marriages, but the couple knew they were soulmates. Over the year's reports have surfaced that Dean's relationship with Jack was strained following his divorce from his first wife, Mary Jo.

Whatever drama unfolded; it is water under the bridge now. Dean previously explained on his podcast, Jack is very shy, so Dean and Tori respect his privacy and rarely speak publicly about him.

"When we met we bonded over dogs, his rabbit DIY school project, tag, hide and seek, and video games . He called me Teri. And I didn't correct him bc I loved that he had his own perception of me. This little boy grew. And, I remember helping him with his homework and reading Charlottes Web, dressing up his hamsters in DIY Halloween costumes, and playing Polly Pockets at the pool while other boys his age teased and we ignored them and laughed and played and had so much fun they eventually asked to join," she shared.

Tori went on to talk about the years of awkwardness that drew them apart, the teen years. She got candid regarding never wanting to push her role on Jack. The actress declared she has always loved her stepson, revealed his coming out at age 17 bonded them once again.

"And, then he came out. I was so proud of his confidence. He was who he was, and he was proud of it. And, then we bonded again. We found each other on a new level with a whole new respect for each other. He's 21 today. I'm so proud of the amazing human he is. He is so smart, kind, funny, unique, sweet, confident, and driven. His scream, smile, and laugh are contagious, and his style is fierce. He makes no apologies for who he is. And who he uniquely is ... Is Jack Montgomery McDermott," Tori stated.

Tori Spelling has nothing but love for her stepson, Jack, on his birthday!


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