Toni Braxton Talks About Her Lupus -- She Had A Heart Attack That Led To Her Diagnosis!

Toni Braxton Talks About Her Lupus -- She Had A Heart Attack That Led To Her Diagnosis!
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Toni Braxton has been open about her Lupus diagnosis since she received it over a decade ago. The R&B singer recently revealed how she found out she had the autoimmune disorder.

The Braxton sister has managed to stay relevant in Hollywood with concerts, albums, and even a long-running reality show. The singer does it all while balancing being a mother of two, sister, and daughter.

Which makes her life even more hectic is her battle with Lupus, not only does it affect her physical and mental health -- it often takes her voice.

Toni has found that CBD products help her with the pain and inflammation that comes with the disease.

She recently visited E!'s Daily Pop where she revealed details about her battle.

'I was still in Vegas, I had a residency in Vegas [from 2006 to 2008] and I was just sick all the time. Chronically fatigued, my blood pressure was high [and] I never suffered from it. I just couldn't figure it out and come to find out, I had a heart attack. I had to go to the hospital and that's when they found out.'


She went on to describe how scared she was because she didn't know anything about the disease and she thought her career would be over.

As far as the type of Lupus, it's not just the one that changes your appearance -- hers is the one that attacks your vital organs and more.

'As a result I have microvascular angina, I have thick blood, which means that my blood clots. It was a lot of different things. Of the lupuses, I have the worst — but of the worst, I have the best. I'm always trying to be positive about it.'

Braxton isn't the only celebrity who has publicly battled the disorder. Selena Gomez and Trick Daddy also share the same health condition.

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