Toni Braxton Spends Some Quality Time With Her Mom And Boys At A Hemp Photoshoot

Toni Braxton Spends Some Quality Time With Her Mom And Boys At A Hemp Photoshoot
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Toni Braxton spent a great day with her two sons at a Hemp photoshoot for their campaign. She shared a video on her social media account to keep her fans updated. Check it out below.

'Fun with my boys at our @unclebuds_hemp campaign photoshoot. Check out the entire HEMP skincare collection @unclebuds_hemp and follow them for a chance to WIN $1000 worth of Uncle Bud's products,' Toni captioned her video.

A fan said that Toni's mom Evelyn is aging backwards: 'Why is Miss E aging backward? 👀 She snatched! ❤️'

Someone else gushed over the family and said, 'I can’t wait for the pictures I know they gonna be dope y’all make me want to buy the products for myself 😭 oh btw love ya mama💜'

In other news, a lot of Toni's fans have recently blasted her after they saw an episode from the Braxton Family Values.

After seeing the episode, fans were disappointed in Toni , and they used her comments section to explain why and slammed her really hard. It involves her and Tamar’s sister, Traci.

Someone told her: ‘I’m really disappointed in all of you after watching tonight’s episode smh year after year after year y’all continue to mistreat Traci it’s very sad 😕’ A lot of commenters continued and slammed her for the very same reason.

Not too long ago, Toni revealed to her fans that  she began supporting a new campaign: the Lupus LA Awareness Campaign  and people have been praising her initiative.

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  • Tammy P. Jordan
    Tammy P. Jordan Jun 15, 2019 10:43 AM PDT

    I am here for all of the sister they are really entertaining it make my Thursday night I am a toni tiger fan and a tay tay fan I wish those two would put out a single together

  • Elaine N Heath
    Elaine N Heath Jun 14, 2019 8:06 PM PDT

    I think all the sisters get along just fine! Which boost their ratings immensely! If they don't bring the drama then their ratings will plunge. Don't believe the hype! They love one another very much!

  • Shirley
    Shirley Jun 14, 2019 1:01 PM PDT

    Tamar is too old to be having temper tantrums. She even thought Von should have asked her permission to propose to Trina. Her birthday had passed and wanted no one to mention that Tracey had a birthday coming up. You were right Tawanda, ya'll did it, now ya'll need to fix it or let let Tracey at her. And as far as David goes, he needs to stand up and be the man that he is. He was successful before she came along. She might be ruining his image.

  • Shirley Warren
    Shirley Warren Jun 14, 2019 12:43 PM PDT

    I agree, their problems will never be resolved until Tamar's issues are addressed. She is even trying to control a successful business man who is an adult and does not need her permission to do anything. So, until she is put in check, the family will never heal.

  • Rosa
    Rosa Jun 14, 2019 12:02 PM PDT

    I too agree with how much disrespectful attitudes are thrown toward Traci. She has a right to voice her opinion and not be beat up about it. Besides she carried our entertainment when everyone else chose to pull a " No Show!" Stand strong Traci, I have your back grrrr-l 👍❤️

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