Toni Braxton Reveals She And Birdman Almost Eloped!

Toni Braxton Reveals She And Birdman Almost Eloped!
Credit: Source: Hollywood Life

'Braxton Family Values' returned this past Thursday and addressed Toni Braxton and Birdman's complicated relationship head-on. Before sparking rumors of a split, the R&B legend revealed that she and Baby almost eloped.

While talking to her little sister, Tamar Braxton, Toni was asked what was going on between her and Birdman. The living legend explained that her rapper beau is just waiting on her to say the word and plan the wedding.

Toni was so busy preparing for her solo tour that she simply didn't have the time to be bothered with wedding planning. She revealed to Tamar that they were super close to just going to Vegas to elope.

The couple chose not to which was the right decision according to Tamar who feels like if they eloped it would stir up rumors that they had something to hide.

This was before January 1 when Braxton and the Cash Money CEO led fans to believe that they were calling it quits by both posting cryptic messages via social media.

Birdman recently visited the 'Wendy Williams Show' to clear any misconceptions up.

"Me, personally, I’ve never been a man that put energy into social media. It was fake. I don’t even know how this s**t took place. I’d never been a man to bring my things to social media," the artist said indicating that he and Toni were still engaged.

He also added that he is willing and ready to give his lady love anything she needs.

Although the rumor of a breakup isn't true, Baby and Braxton are allegedly embracing the split talk.

"Toni and Birdman never broke up and are in a great place in their relationship. They don’t know how the rumors started but embraced them because it adds to the drama of the show, but their relationship is solid. They are still very much together and in a great place," an insider told Hollywood Life.

Do you think the couple should just elope instead of planning a big wedding?


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