Tom Cruise Returns His Three Golden Globe Trophies As Scientology Continues Appeal To Black Community

Tom Cruise Returns His Three Golden Globe Trophies As Scientology Continues Appeal To Black Community
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Tom Cruise has returned his three Golden Globe trophies in protest against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) as the organization has admitted there are no black members on their board. The HFPA is also under fire for questionable ethics regarding their awards. Cruise's stand also comes as Scientology continues to strengthen its reach to the black community. Though Tom hasn't made a public statement about his decision to protest and return the statues that he won for the movies Magnolia , Born on the Fourth of July , and Jerry Maguire .

Though not many people associate Scientology with the black community, the religion's leader, David Miscavige has made it clear that they want to embrace the black community. Tom's position shouldn't come as a surprise as he and his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman adopted their son, Connor Cruise. What may come as a surprise is some of Scientology's stances when it comes to racial issues.

For instance, in 2012, the New Republic published an article about Scientology's unlikely alliance with the Nation of Islam. The article is a fascinating read and details how the Nation of Islam is embracing auditing and using the practice with their own members.

You may see a video featuring David Miscavige as he addressed the vision for Scientology in local communities below.


You may see an article about Scientology reaching out to Black America below.

Though Tom Cruise gave up his Golden Globes , he doesn't need an award to reinforce what a great actor he is. Besides his roles in Jerry Maguire , Born on the Fourth of July , and Magnolia , Tom Cruise has delivered phenomenal performances in movies such as Collateral , the Mission Impossible franchise, The Firm , A Few Good Men , and Rain Man .

In addition to his serious roles, Tom has delivered brilliant, comedic performances such as the role of Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder . The character is a cult favorite and at one point, fans demanded a series based on Les Grossman!

What do you think about Tom Cruise taking a stand for black celebrities and returning his Golden Globe statues? Were you surprised by the move?


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