Leah Remini Says She Had 'No Idea' Her Dad Had Passed Away After Scientology Ruined Their Relationship

Leah Remini Says She Had 'No Idea' Her Dad Had Passed Away After Scientology Ruined Their Relationship
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Leah Remini has been extremely vocal with her criticism of the church of Scientology in both her best-selling book Troublemaker and A&E docu-series Scientology and the Aftermath since she broke away from the controversial religion. And now, she has revealed in an emotional post on Instagram that their broken relationship led to her and her sister having “no idea” that their dad George Anthony Remini died a month ago after getting sick.

The 49-year-old wrote on social media that a stranger had contacted her sister Nicole to pass on their condolences for the passing of their father. Remini says that neither she nor her sister knew that their dad had gotten sick, and a funeral came and went without anyone telling them anything about it.

Remini posted a series of old family photos, and she made it clear that she was sad that she didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to her dad even though they had an extremely complicated relationship.

“If you read my book, you’ll know my father and I had a difficult relationship, but I always forgave him with a daughter’s painfully endless love and hope. Regardless of his neglect and abuse, I had hoped to one day have some closure. I hoped for him to acknowledge who he had been and what he had done to us as his children. That alone would have been healing in its own way. We never got that, yet I can’t help but grieve,” wrote Remini.

Remini has said in the past that her real dad was physically and mentally abusive to her and her sisters, and he left his wife and daughters with no care or child support. In her book, she also accused George of selling cocaine and revealed that he served time at Rikers Island.

Before his death, George accused his daughter of being a hypocrite and attempted to discredit her A&E series about Scientology.

Remini wrote in her post that she is angry at herself for crying for someone who never cried for her, and she is angry that she still wanted his love. She is also angry that Scientology dictated the last chapter in their relationship. The former King of Queens star said that Scientology took her dad in as a pawn against her, and most likely robbed him of the last ounce of heart that he had left.

Remini accused Scientology of finding her dad’s personal weak spots and getting him on board with a smear campaign against her. She says that the last image she ever saw of her dad alive was when he participated in a video that attempted to discredit her, but she says she would have forgiven him like she always did.

Leah Remini says that Scientology took away her and her sister’s chance to have the one thing they always wanted from their dad - for him to say “I’m sorry and I love you.”

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