Todd Tucker Poses With The Young Crew: See Ace And Baby Blaze Smiling!

Todd Tucker Poses With The Young Crew: See Ace And Baby Blaze Smiling!
Credit: BET

Todd Tucker posed with his son Ace Wells Tucker, and baby girl Blaze Tucker and fans are in love with the kids' smiles. Check out the post that he shared on social media below.

Someone praised Blaze and said: 'Blaze was born for the camera,' and another follwoer posted this message: 'Nice photo...Cute kids!! Ace looks like you...Blaze looks like Mama Joyce....💕😂'

Someone else said: 'When Blaze with Todd she looks like Kandi when she with Kandi she looks like Tood lol 😍' and a commenter posted this: '❤️ Blaze is Mama Joyce and Kandi, Ace is Todd and Riley! Just adorable!'

One other follower said: 'Ace is you all over again ...blaze is you and kandi ...beautiful children.'

Someone else posted this: 'Wait a minute. The guys have on shirts, fully clothed. But the little GIRL is topless. @blazetucker is your daughter. Understood. But I cannot fathom why parents are posting their DAUGHTERS without shirts on? Most mothers will cover the DAUGHTERS nipples (@porsha4real @thekenyamoore, etc...) But @gabunion and others who treat their daughters like boys, continue to parade them around without tops, bows, etc... It’s NOT cute. Is she a little Princess or not? Cuz...'

A fan posted this: 'Oh! So Cute Daddy Day Care. Beautiful family. Great Dad❤️❤️❤️'

Someone else said: 'I saw on TV that you lost your mom, she would be smiling down on this pic!!!!!! God bless your family.'

A fan said: '@todd167 awww y’all have a Lil Kandi face and lil Todd face 😍😍😍' and one other commenter posted this: 'They might be your young Tucker crew... 😂 but Dems "Lil' Kandi's" right there! 😍'

One other commenter said: 'They are so adorable your son a looks like your mother and your daughter he is so handsome what a beautiful boy Blaze looks just like her mother candy she's gorgeous.'


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