Tiny Harris' Video With Heiress Harris Will Make Your Day

Tiny Harris' Video With Heiress Harris Will Make Your Day
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris shared a video on her social media account in which Heiress Harris is the cutest baby girl out there. Check out the clip below.

'In real news... my baby had class with CJ today & while he’s killing the push ups, form & all @heiressdharris is killing me with her posture. Then she took me out with the one-handers. #RealMotivation 👑💙💜' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Aww the way how cj lets her think she won! Queen is raising him right! 👏🏾❤️' and a commenter said: 'Cj looking just like his mama at the end 🥰'

One follower posted this: 'That one hand push up cracked me up🤣', and a commenter posted this: 'Cuz tj cheated” 🤣🤣 let nobody disturb yo peace.'

One other follower said: 'That’s right Sis.....keep it moving Periodt! 👏🏽' and one other follower said: 'She has to be my favourite she is just the smartest strongest boss baby in the world❤️♥️💯 I absolutely love her💛💜'

Someone else posetd this: 'That’s right Queen place energy where it needs to be ignore the rest Family Over Everything!!!' and a commenter said: 'She watching her daddy work out to get that 1 hand technique @majorgirl 🤣🤣'

One other follower posted this: 'Baby heiress won no matter what one hand and two hands.'

In other news, Tiny Harris  dropped an important and angry message for Sabrina Peterson after what she said about T.I. Check out what she had to say below.

‘Hold up… So you want your abuser to train your sons? He was just uncle 2 years ago … 🤔now when did you say my husband assaulted you? Did you change your mind or change it back? What’s up with you today Pooh? I’m confused, Stop Harassing My Family. You strange. Everybody know you been special (face slicing seminar lady). Please Get help. But LEAVE US ALONE‼️😘’ Tiny captioned her post.


Fans reacted to this post and they told Tiny she's too harsh.

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