Tiny Harris Delights Fans With Sweet Heiress Pictures Wearing Matching Outfits -- T.I. Will Not Be Able To Resist The Cuteness

Tiny Harris Delights Fans With Sweet Heiress Pictures Wearing Matching Outfits -- T.I. Will Not Be Able To Resist The Cuteness
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A dazzling Tiny Harris took her baby, Heiress, to meet Santa Claus and she was delighted to share the pictures with her millions of fans.

In the photos, T.I.'s wife and daughter are matching in gray/fur outfits as they celebrate the holidays.

Baby Heiress looked like a model as she admires her mother with a look of love and tenderness.

Tiny captioned the sweet daughter/mother moment: "Took my baby to see Santa & ride the Pink Pig @jmo_74 got all the good shots for me! ???"

One fan had this sweet reaction to the photos: "This is a beautiful pic ..the look she is giving you Mommy is like she's saying I absolutely adore you, Mommy!!! Awwww #Priceless How cute is that pic of her looking ?at mommy she’s a precious princess! Aww! The second pic is my favorite, the way she’s looking up at you."

Another follower stated: "Awwwwwwww look at lil mama doin the most beautiful thing in the world... Looking at her Mama with LOVE AND ADMIRATION ❣?. This Is Absolutely Priceless how She is Looking At Her Mother."

This supporter claimed: "So cute! I love her sweet personality! @majorgirl you’re doing an awesome job with your babies! ?TIP+TINY=Heiress.Oh wow, she's grown so fast cute. I just love y’all.... @majorgirl I heard Tip call your baby scoot one day.. giggling my g- baby been scoot every since..."

In related Tiny news, it has been confirmed that she and husband T.I.P. are still living in separate homes and they are happy with it.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Tiny is not OK with T.I. living apart from her, she resents it. However, Tiny puts on a happy face and will tell T.I. that she is OK with it all, but that is only because she is afraid to lose him. She is trying to keep it all together, and she feels like giving him space, to live on his own, will save their marriage while keeping their family together. She is desperate enough to go along with T.I.’s desires even if it drives her crazy always wondering what he is doing and with whom. T.I. living apart from her is not helping Tiny rebuild trust with him, it is only making things more challenging.”

The insider went on to say: “Tiny and T.I. do spend the majority of their nights in the same bed, Tiny would go crazy if they didn’t. Work takes priority for TI. And Tiny has chosen to follow his lead and work as much as she can as well. But when they aren’t working, and they don’t sleep in the same bed, it’s tough. Tiny does her best to look on the bright side though. They are still together, and the passion is still very much alive. If keeping two separate houses is what it takes to make it work then so be it, it’s worth it to Tiny.”

On the power couple's reality series, T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle , they spoke about the matter saying they are happy with their living arrangements.

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