Tiger King Star Carole Baskin Says She Is Recieving Death Threats — Drones Are Circling Her Home As Investigation Into Her Missing Husband Reopens

Tiger King Star Carole Baskin Says She Is Recieving Death Threats — Drones Are Circling Her Home As Investigation Into Her Missing Husband Reopens
Credit: Source: Carole Baskin/YouTube

Things haven't been going well for Carole Baskin, the star of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. You may remember Carole as she was Joe Exotic's greatest nemesis who wanted his zoo shut down for animal abuses. Things became so bad between Carole and Joe that he was ultimately sentenced to 22 years behind bars for soliciting a hitman to murder her. The docuseries didn't exactly portray Carole in the best light either. As she has made her name for rescuing big cats, the series gave Joe Exotic plenty of air time to state all the grievances he has against her — it also gave room for multiple people to accuse her of murdering her husband, putting his body in a meat grinder, and feeding him to her tigers. Carole adamantly denies the allegations and since Tiger King aired, she's used all of her social media platforms to denounce the allegations.

Now, Carole Baskin is saying that she's receiving death threats and drones are circling her Tampa home since the series aired.

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In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Carole said that her critics have found her phone number, are calling her leaving death threats and that drones are circling her home. She says she is now afraid to leave her home.

She also uploaded a video to her official YouTube account where she addressed the allegations that she murdered her missing husband Don Lewis.  You may see that video below.

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You may see a report from the Daily Mail about the death threats Carole Baskin says she is receiving below.

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One part of the Netflix docuseries that stunned people was that Joe Exotic had hired a singer to perform a number of songs while giving the appearance that he was the one actually singing. In one video called "Here Kitty Kitty," Joe Exotic hired a Carole Baskin look alike and in the music video, he sang the tale of how Carole allegedly murdered her husband and fed him to the tigers while the look-alike smiled sweetly and fed body parts to the tiger with a pair of tongs.

You may see that video below.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister has announced the cold case has been reopened but at this point, there hasn't been any new evidence in the case that would lead to an arrest.


What do you think about the aftermath Carole Baskin is dealing with since Tiger King aired on Netflix?


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