KUWK: Kim Kardashian Looks Just Like Daughter Chicago In Throwback Pic Of Her As A Cool 7th Grader!

KUWK: Kim Kardashian Looks Just Like Daughter Chicago In Throwback Pic Of Her As A Cool 7th Grader!
Credit: Source: theblast.com

Kim Kardashian is once again trying to make the time go by faster while in quarantine by looking through some of her old pictures and updating her social media platforms. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians celeb shared a throwback snap from when she was only in 7th grade this time around and her followers were quick to point out just how much she resembles her youngest daughter, Chicago!

It really looks like Kim never had an awkward phase in her life as she was very beautiful and put together even as a seventh grader!

Sure enough, her children with Kanye West seem to be on the same path and so, it makes sense that every time the reality TV star posts another throwback picture of her, fans can see another of her children in her.

Of course, they do share DNA so it makes sense that they resemble her a lot but still, people cannot believe just how much they have inherited from their mom!

The image taken out of her school yearbook shows Kim looking straight at the camera while in a white top and black blazer.

Her dark long hair was down and she was also rocking a black chocker.

The outfit, as well as her facial expression made her look very serious and in fact, quite a bit more mature than someone still in seventh grade which is why the Kardashian also mentioned in her caption that she had a certain ‘7th grade coolness,’ about her in that pic.

But rather than comment about how cool of a kid she was at the time, most fans were quick to point out how much she looked like her younger of two daughters, 2 year old Chicago.

One follower simply wrote ‘Chicago’ to suggest this, while another commented: ‘Chicago face all day.’

A third person went on to compare Kim’s looks to both her daughters, writing: ‘You look like North and Chi here!!’


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