Thomas Ravenel Disses Both Southern Charm Shows

Thomas Ravenel Disses Both Southern Charm Shows
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Thomas Ravenel has made it clear that he will not be returning to Southern Charm . While chatting with fans recently, he managed to diss the franchise that he appeared in and the New Orleans installment.

Southern Charm is scrambling for footage to conjure up a seventh season since the sixth one was missing major drama. There is no talk of bringing Southern Charm NOLA back for a third season and Southern Charm Savannah has been completely forgotten about.

Thomas and Kathryn Dennis were at the center of most of the storylines that made the Bravo hit so addictive. Once he left, he also put a gag order on his ex-girlfriend to not be able to discuss him or the custody case.

Viewers were left with Shep Rose's antics and minor drama from the rest of the cast that left it quite dull (even with Madison LeCroy's strong presence).

The former politician tweeted: 'I just told my stepmother that they were looking for new people to be on Southern Charm. She said they should do casting calls at asylums! She’s 92 and hilarious and pretty quick. I don’t know what that says about me though.'

When a user suggested the Louisiana version was better, Ravenel responded: 'It seemed boring to me but then again I never watched these shows until I was on one. No expert opinion here.'

This comes after rumors swirl that producers are desperately trying to find new cast members and create new storylines to save the series. They've even resorted to asking Thomas to rejoin after reaching out to relatives.

The father of two gave them a hard no.

'Was asked again yesterday and responded with a resounding no! Yet #fakenews [redacted] will keep saying I was fired. They’re disgusting!' he tweeted.

Do you think both of the Southern Charms should come back? What do you think can save them?


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