Angelina Pivarnick Nearly Unrecognizable In New Photos -- Jersey Shore Star Slams Trolls Who Claim Plastic Surgery

Angelina Pivarnick Nearly Unrecognizable In New Photos -- Jersey Shore Star Slams Trolls Who Claim Plastic Surgery
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Angelina Pivarnick appeared nearly unrecognizable in her new Instagram photos. Trolls immediately called out the Jersey Shore star for getting plastic surgery.

Angelina shared a photo with her makeup expertly done.

She added a caption that read: 'Thank you to everyone that signed up for our LIVE MASTER CLASS 😍😍. We will be having another one soon and will let you guys know what the look will be. I love all of you with all my heart. You guys asked the best questions and were such a sweet group. Big thanks to my partner in this @anjali_artistry :). Thank you @divackovic13 @alexisjadebeauty @rosalias_beauty @toribbeauty for being there to read the questions to us and make sure everything went smoothly. Not one issue. Thank u love you.'

The beautiful photo was bombarded with compliments, but also comments that warned her to stop going under the knife.

One follower stated: 'Ohh s—t! This is NOT the same face from when you came back to the shore. Yikes, easy on the plastic surgery, girl!!!'

To which the reality star responded: 'It’s called makeup. I would never go on someone’s page and comment f—ked up stuff. Get a life. I will do as I please.'

Another said: 'Wait. This looks like a plastic Barbie'


Angelina then quipped: 'Yup, that’s my name.'

Someone else warned: 'Don’t do anything else to your face.'

The newlywed laughed it off with: 'Ummmm, don’t do anything to your[s], OK? LOL. Don’t tell me what to do.'

Although Angelina is crediting makeup with this new look, she has admitted to changing her body before. Additionally, the MTV personality loss weight for her recent nuptials-gone-bad .

The make and female cast members have nearly all had some form of physical improvement. From ab-sketching to new teeth -- the Jersey Shore cast look nothing like they did a decade ago.


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  • Goombaah
    Goombaah Jan 6, 2020 9:20 AM PST

    The only people that leaves those negative remarks concerning your beautiful face and body can be summed up in two categories: 1.) Those that are so so jealous because they could spend a half million dollars on plastic surgery and still look like the south end of a northbound mule. 2.) Those totally jealous that you were chosen to be with the gang on TV and they were turned down 40 times, boo boo. You have earned your spot on the program and it would be a huge mistake for the directors to let anything happen to you. Snookie is already on her way out and she was the center point in the beginning. Jawow cant carry the show and the other girl is sorta low key. Vinny could be shelved/replaced, he blew his wad as a dancer. The rest are needed. My opinion.

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