The Kim Kardashian, Kanye West 2019 Family Christmas Card Is Here In All Its Relaxed-Holiday Splendor

The Kim Kardashian, Kanye West 2019 Family Christmas Card Is Here In All Its Relaxed-Holiday Splendor
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

The holiday season is officially here and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are celebrating with their annual family Christmas card. For 2019, the entire family wore sweats in neutral colors such as white and gray. No one wore shoes but everyone had white socks on their feet. The Christmas card looked cozy, comfortable and casual which seems to be a going theme with the Kardashian-West household. Additionally, Kanye West has designed their home with a minimalist theme and everything is very white with lots of open space.

Kim Kardashian shared the following caption with the photo of her family.

"The West Family Christmas Card 2019."

Kim recently shared a video on her Instagram account where she spoke about the trouble she suffered during her pregnancy and how North West was born prematurely due to eclampsia and then her placenta never delivered. Kim's placenta had grown into her uterus and she and Kanye West froze embryos following North's birth. She tried for another natural pregnancy and delivery with Saint but suffered life-threatening complications as well.

Kim's and Kanye's two youngest children, Chicago and Psalm, were born via surrogate and Kim said she is so thankful for her children, regardless of how they arrived.

In the photo below, the family is posed, seated on a staircase with Kanye on one of the higher steps, where he is elevated above the family. Chicago is seated on his knee and Kanye looks at her adoringly while Chicago stares straight ahead at the camera.

Several stairs below feature North West and her mother Kim Kardashian seated side-by-side. North smiles sweetly at the camera with her hands pressed against each other in her lap. Kim stares at the camera with a content look while she wedges baby Psalm on her lap and between her legs —as if the tot is trying to struggle free and explore his surroundings.

As usual, Saint West, who is becoming Internet-famous for his jovial personality, is grinning from ear-to-ear and showing his pearly whites for the camera!

You may see the Kardashian-West Christmas card below.

What do you think about the laid back approach the West family chose for their holiday Christmas card?

Do you like what the family chose to wear or would you have preferred something more festive and luxurious for Kim, Kanye, and the children?


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