The Game Speaks About The Children Nipsey Hussle Left Behind With Lauren London And Tanisha Asghedom

The Game Speaks About The Children Nipsey Hussle Left Behind With Lauren London And Tanisha Asghedom
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Rapper The Game is having a tough time processing the untimely death of his good friend, Nipsey Hussle, and he has been doing a series of therapeutic post daily to help him cope with the situation.

In his latest post, The Game decided to reflect on the two children Nipsey left behind.

The businessman has a son, Kross Asghedom, with Lauren London and a daughter named Emani Asghedom with ex-girlfriend Tanisha Asghedom (Chyna Hussle).

In his latest post, The Game, who is a father of three (King, Harlem, and California), said his heart breaks the most for the two children that Nipsey left behind.

The Game confessed: "This is the part of it all that saddens me the most. We lost our brother, friend, and a legendary artist but two beautiful babies lost their father. And although nip had an unselfish mission & dedication to changing his neighborhood & bettering the hoods & cities around him, I know he wouldn’t have been okay with leaving his kids. His entire world revolved around fatherhood. That love fueled his smile & daily energy. I keep zooming in on the pic, and all I can wonder is what was said for those genuine smiles to be so vibrant. Whatever it was I can relate to the feeling because my children give me that exact same joy but what I can’t imagine is them being left here in this cold world without me in it to guide them through life."

He went on to slam Eric Holder, the man accused of killing Nipsey: "All it takes is one jealous Judas hearted ni*ga & his hatred of himself to tear a family apart in just a few short moments. I hate that this happened to you bro & I wish I could strangle that lil coward ni*ga myself every time I think about it. My emotions are scattered daily & pulling them back in & putting all the pieces back together has proven to be very arduous. It’s like one day I’m in a decent space seeing all the love you’re being shown worldwide... then I see an image or have a thought & then I’m filled with anger & discomfort. Maybe I’m rambling & if so I apologize but for those reading this daily, these open letters somewhat help me push through to tomorrow. I’m not letting his memory fade, EVER. #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway."

The Game is ding his best to keep Nipsey's legacy alive.

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