The Bella Twins Have Moved Again -- Sisters Buy Homes In Napa Valley

The Bella Twins Have Moved Again -- Sisters Buy Homes In Napa Valley
Credit: Source: Life and Style

The Bella Twins have made another twin decision. The sisters have decided to move to wine country.

Recently, reports read that Nikki Bella's Arizona house was on the market. It was said to be due to the fact that Artem Chigvintsev returned to Dancing With the Stars but that's only partially true.

The full truth is that the sisters made a spontaneous decision to move to Napa Valley. The sisters are always looking forward to their next move, especially since both have retired from the WWE, and this made sense for both of them because they have a wine business there.

They recently launched another variety of wine for their line but made an assessment during this challenging time of coronavirus. They decided that they would like to downsize and spend their money on things that will give them experiences that last for a lifetime.

On the Bellas podcast, they explained the thought process that led them to the decision.

'We majorly downsized. We wanted to be more simple. You guys have always known how Bryan and I are, so we were just like, we need to get back to who we were before kids, and let's simplify our life and live more country, and we're doing it. And so we did it!' explained Brie.

Meanwhile, Nikki added: 'I will say the one thing COVID taught me was to simplify my life, and in all areas. But I just sort of look at all my things and I'm like, 'What does this really mean? What does this mean when we're in this situation?' Like, what do I really want my money to go towards? You know, and for me it was like seeing beautiful parts of the world, having amazing experiences and new memories with my family. Going to cool places.'


Nikki said that she would like to make memories and travel instead of spending her money on a huge house.


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