Teresa Giudice Has RHONJ Fans Convinced She May Finally Be Ready To Leave Juicy Joe

Teresa Giudice Has RHONJ Fans Convinced She May Finally Be Ready To Leave Juicy Joe
Credit: Source: Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice took to Instagram this week to celebrate her daughter Gia’s 18th birthday with a special slideshow. Fans noticed that in several of the pics , Teresa wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

While Teresa’s husband Joe finishes up the last couple months of his three-and-a-half year federal prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud, she has apparently ditched her wedding ring, adding fuel to the rumors that the couple is contemplating divorce.

An immigration judge has also ordered Joe to be deported to his native Italy when he completes his prison sentence, and that has led to more uncertainty about what will happen to this once close-knit family.

Teresa and her four daughters have done their best to live life while Joe has been locked up. They even went on a trip to Jamaica over the holidays.

And to celebrate Gia’s birthday, Radar Online reported that Teresa threw a party that featured a three-tiered purple birthday cake with silver sparkles.

“The day I became your mom was the day I found purpose in my life,” Teresa wrote on an Instagram slideshow that included pics of Gia growing up. Gia, you are such a sweet, gentle, loving, smart person, and I’m so fortunate to be chosen as your mother.”

The reality star added that her oldest daughter is an amazing big sister, cousin, niece, and friend, and Teresa admitted that she didn’t know what she would do without Gia in her life. She also wrote that her daughter would never understand how much she loves her, and how grateful she is.

“I’m so proud and excited to see where the future takes you. Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl!! 18 - I can’t believe it!!” wrote Teresa.

Throughout the day the RHONJ star shared various pictures of Gia, and in one the mom and daughter duo posed next to the purple birthday cake. But, in that photo, her left hand was totally bare.

As for Joe, he is scheduled to be released from prison in March and then immediately deported. He has filed an appeal to the ruling and is hoping that he can return home to his family in New Jersey.

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