Bernice Burgos Knows She Can't Have T.I. - Looking For A Man Like Him Instead!

Bernice Burgos Knows She Can't Have T.I. - Looking For A Man Like Him Instead!
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It turns out that Bernice Burgos hasn’t forgotten T.I.! However, since he is still happily married to Tiny Harris, it looks like she is not going to try and steal him from the Xscape singer. So what is the next best thing? – someone a lot like the rapper!

According to an insider report, the Instagram model is done with her super public romance with Tip, but she still wishes she could be with a man that has his personality or at least close to it.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Bernice has never gotten over him, she thinks about him all the time. That is why she feels like, if she cannot have him, she wants somebody just like him. Bernice's looking for a sexy, successful rapper or even an athlete that will treat her like a princess, the way she deserves to be treated.’

Furthermore, the same insider went on to say that even though she has pretty much given up on being with T.I one day, Bernice still posts provocative pictures on social media with T.I. in mind.

She knows that while he loves his wife and wants to make it work for the sake of their family and long history together, he is still very attracted to her physically and can’t help but check out her social media.

‘Even though she knows they cannot be together, Bernice posts sexy pics on her social media all the time hoping that T.I. is watching. She is trying to lure a man like T.I. and gets jealous that he remains loyal to Tiny. Bernice hopes that if she keeps posting sexy pics, she will find her own loyal guy one day just like Tiny.’

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