Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Looks Like She Might Be Prepping For A Nasty Custody Battle With David Eason

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Looks Like She Might Be Prepping For A Nasty Custody Battle With David Eason
Credit: Source: People

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans may be finally headed for a divorce. Evans has always had a rocky relationship with her troubled husband, David Eason , and recently told her followers that she is a single woman. The declaration left fans wondering if Eason will fight for custody of their daughter, Ensley, if the two get divorced.

While Evans and Eason have had their problems over the years, he seems close to his daughter. Eason has shared numerous photos of Ensley on social media and has even referred to her as the love of his life. As messed up and dysfunctional as their marriage was, it actually seems like Eason is committed to raising Ensley.

If Eason and Evans divorce, he might have a chance at landing full custody based on her history of drug use. According to The Hollywood Gossip , Evans confessed that she smoked marijuana during her pregnancy with Ensley. It is unclear if Evans still smokes pot, but Eason could use this against her if their custody battle turns nasty.

“I’m not going to lie… I tested positive for THC, and Ensley did not test positive. I did,” Evans revealed on an episode of Teen Mom .

Evans added that she smoked the drug because she was dealing with esophageal issues and could not hold down any food. Child protective services (CPS) noted Evans’ medical issue and assured her that they do not judge. But because Evans tested positive for THC, CPS was forced to do routine wellness checks before concluding the case.

The status of Evans’ marriage, meanwhile, remains unclear. The Teen Mom star recently noted that she is single on social media, which prompted Eason to do the same. Inside sources, however, revealed that Evans and Eason have taken extended breaks from each other in the past, so it would not be that surprising if they got back together.

Jenelle Evans and Eason have not commented on the split or the rumors surrounding the custody of their daughter. David Eason was kicked off Teen Mom for making controversial remarks on social media.


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