Taylor Swift Reportedly Tried To Boot Justin Bieber Out Of His Gym

Taylor Swift Reportedly Tried To Boot Justin Bieber Out Of His Gym
Credit: Source: TheStreet.com

Taylor Swift is evidently quite serious about her work-outs, a new report from TMZ claimed. The pop-star reportedly tried to have Justin Bieber and other celebrities removed from the Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood.

The publication reported that Justin's security team were approached by other security personnel and were asked to leave. However, J-Biebs and his team refused to exit unless given the opportunity to finish his workout first.

Initially, Bieber purportedly didn't know it was Taylor who asked for him to leave. After the Purpose singer left, other gym members had to walk out the door as well. Apparently, Swift hired a personal trainer and wanted the entire gym to herself for an unspecified reason.

Fans of Swift know her relationship with Justin Bieber hasn't always been the best. Followers of the Swift-Braun controversy know that Taylor has excoriated both Braun, Bieber, and Kanye West for supposedly bullying her.

Taylor and Braun have been in a long-winded feud ever since Scooter purchased her master recordings through the Big Machine Records takeover.

Taylor has since been very sore about what happened, accusing Braun and Scott Borchetta of engaging in underhanded tactics to manipulate and control her career through the possession of her life's work.

Reportedly, Scott Borchetta, the owner of Big Machine Records, offered Taylor a choice: she could sign with the record label again for her next six records, in exchange for ownership of her first six albums.

Taylor chose not to take the deal, later arguing that she was never offered the same bargain given to Scooter.

Scooter Braun bought all of her master recordings for $300 million - a hefty price. Later, she was supposedly told that she couldn't perform any of her older songs at the American Music Awards.

Additionally, Taylor claims Scooter and his team reached out to her and stated she couldn't use her old songs and music in the upcoming Netflix documentary about her career.

In their response, Scooter's company, Ithaca Holdings, stated they never once said she couldn't play her music at the AMAs. However, lawyers for the pop-star claimed Scooter and his representatives wrote the letter in such a way where Taylor's claims weren't denied.

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