Taylor Swift Slams 'Toxic' Scooter Braun During Woman Of The Decade Award Acceptance Speech

Taylor Swift Slams 'Toxic' Scooter Braun During Woman Of The Decade Award Acceptance Speech
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While accepting the Woman of the Decade award at the Billboard Women in Music event, Taylor Swift took the opportunity to shed light on an issue that’s going on in the music industry. More precisely, in her acceptance speech, the superstar slammed Scooter Braun, with whom she’s been at war over him buying the masters to her first six albums!

Taylor, who has indeed had a great decade, wanted to stress that she will never let a man, or even record label, ruin her success as a woman and as a singer.

‘I saw that as a woman in this industry, people will always have slight reservations about you, whether a male was actually responsible in the studio or whether it was a really savvy record label [that were responsible for my success],’ she told the audience.

She went on: ‘Lately there has been a new shift that's affected me personally, and I feel like I need to bring it up. And that is the unregulated world of private equity and the people buying your music…[like] it is a shoe line. This happened to me without my own approval, my consultation, or my consent. And of course, Scooter never contacted me or anyone on my team to discuss this prior to the sale or when it was announced.’

But Taylor stressed her opinion that he most likely did it on purpose and knew all too well how she would feel about it.

She even called out the concept of toxic masculinity, saying that in the music industry, the very definition of a ‘toxic male privilege’ is having people defend him by arguing that he’d always been nice to them when the actual topic of an artist owning the rights to their creation is brought up.

She pretty much called out all of his supporters and she did not stop there!

Taylor argued that it’s no surprise he would be nice to people.

After all, ‘if you are in this room, you have something that he needs!’

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