Taylor Swift Has Been Giving Money To Her Fans Impacted By Coronavirus On The Down Low

Taylor Swift Has Been Giving Money To Her Fans Impacted By Coronavirus On The Down Low
Credit: Source: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift has been using her money to help fans impacted by the Coronavirus and doing it on the down-low, according to a new report by Vogue Magazine. According to the publication, Taylor has quietly gifted money to several fans who have been out of work and facing hard times as they wait for help from the government. The news doesn't come as much of a surprise to Swifties who love and praise Taylor for her incredibly generous nature — and this wouldn't be the first time she has been there for her fans during their time of need. The Coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the world and changed life for millions across the globe. With stay-at-home orders impacting nearly 90 percent of all Americans, many people are out of work and struggling to put food on the table.

Many Americans who live on or below the poverty level (and even the working poor) rely on public schools to feed their children two meals per day. With public schools nearly all shut down across the country, many people have worried how those children will be fed.

As more school districts and charities step up to ensure every child has food, Taylor Swift has set a strong example that celebrities don't just have to help by donating to charities, but when moved by their fans' individual plights can help directly as well.

You may see Vogue's article about Taylor Swift donating $3,000 to at least 10 fans below.

Taylor Swift's fans have praised the 10-time Grammy winner for her charitable nature and many aren't surprised that she has come through for them once again.

Taylor Swift is known for having some of the most loyal fans on earth and with the drama that has been going on with Taylor, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Many Swifties feel that Taylor Swift has finally been vindicated though they never doubted her integrity in the slightest.

Are you experiencing a difficult time since the Coronavirus pandemic started?

Were you aware that Taylor Swift was so generous that she has personally donated money to several of her fans in their time of need?

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