Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul Engaged Or Publicity Stunt? - Check Out Her Massive Ring!

Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul Engaged Or Publicity Stunt? - Check Out Her Massive Ring!
Credit: Source: etonline.com

Wait, what is going on here? Weren’t they ‘together’ just for clout? Social media users are pretty confused after Tana Mongeau showed off her massive diamond ring, supposedly from none other than Jake Paul!

The two have been supposedly dating and collabing a lot on their YouTube channels and truth be told, barely anyone has taken their relationship seriously.

As a result, Bella Thorne’s ex girlfriend having a ring on that finger was also generally assumed to be nothing more than just a publicity stunt.

For Tana’s 21st birthday, the couple went to Las Vegas and now, all of a sudden, they are engaged?

It sounds like they are going with the Vegas can cause people to be impulsive and do wild things narrative for attention.

At least that is what most consumers of new-media thought after seeing the Instagram Stories they shared.

One of them is a video that features a cake with Will you marry me? written on it and decorated with a huge fake ring.

Speaking of, the following clip is of the real engagement ring on Tana’s finger.

To eliminate any confusion, Tana wrote over it: ‘I’m engaged @jakepaul.’

She also tweeted: ‘ITS MY 21ST BDAY AND IM ENGAGED HOLY S**T i just woke up i’m sober omg what is going on.’

But, as mentioned before, people familiar with these two influencers are more than just a bit skeptical the engagement is genuine and not just for publicity.

Here are a couple of reactions: ‘I honest to god cannot tell if anything tana mongeau does is real or fake and now she’s engaged to jake Paul so I’m even more confused about her life.’ / ‘GODDAMN IF SOMEONE DOESNT TELL ME IF TANA AND JAKE ARE REAL IM GONNA SCREAM! Is the relationship real? Is the engagement real? Am i being punked?’


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