Tamron Hall Reveals In Sweet Video Why Baby Moses Greener And His Antics Will Undoubtedly Win An Oscar Very Soon

Tamron Hall Reveals In Sweet Video Why Baby Moses Greener And His Antics Will Undoubtedly Win An Oscar Very Soon
Credit: Credit: Instagram

And the Oscar goes to Tamron Hall’s sweet baby boy who delivered one of the most adorable and convincing performances on Instagram this week.

Via social media, Tamron uploaded a video of Moses Greener playing with a little toy and giving an excellent performance on how to fake cry.

At first, Moses appeared frustrated by the fact that he was teething, and his gums were troubling him, but as soon as he noticed the camera, he gave the camera a huge smile.

The happy mom captioned the video: "And the Oscar for best #stayhome performance goes to.... (wait for it). #staysafe love from @tamronhallshow."

She also announced: "Heyyyyyy. Rollin up to @tamronhallshow “studio kitchen,” asking when the show will go back to a full hour? Well, starting this Monday, we have full hour shows coming to you weekdays from our #socialdistancing set. (aka my kitchen) Let’s talk about it....#tamfam."

One person had this reaction: "My actor genes are showing up in my lil bundle of blessing!!!!♥️♥️♥️🤣🤣 Miss and love you guys, sis. He does look like he’s teething. And they laugh even then.😂"

A second fan explained: "Adorable! I wonder if he’s teething. My kids would make similar facial expressions when they were teething. Enjoy him!"

This follower revealed: "Lol. I thought he was wiping the table at first. So precious. 😂
Wow, he dug deep for that one.🤗🤗🤗 Master Moses, you make my day 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍He’s growing so much! Such a cutie!"

This person chimed in: "We have fallen in love with Moses. He is so cute. He brings joy to my heart. I miss my grandchildren. This is sooo adorable! I’d vote for him any day. 😜Looking forward to seeing you back on T V. God bless."

Another social media user stated: "Look at his teeth and that cute little pout face!! Stay safe! ♥️Little man can’t get his way 😊with his cute face 😂😂 Omg, and it’s just the beginning of his antics. This baby is so in love with his Mum❤️Such a cutie."

This backer added: "So freaking cute!! Thank you for sharing some cute moments with your fans. I hope you all are staying safe. A little ray of sunshine!! ❤️🌞🤗God Bless."

Tamron has found the ideal business partner, Moses always brings something new to the table.

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