Tamron Hall Appears In Video With No Makeup And Hair Undone, Gives The Best Acceptance Speech Ever

Tamron Hall Appears In Video With No Makeup And Hair Undone, Gives The Best Acceptance Speech Ever
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Tamron Hall said no makeup, hair not done -- no problem. The TV personality decided to give a sweet acceptance speech after winning her first Emmy au naturel.

Hall, who seemed to have just stepped out of the shower and wearing a white bathrobe, said she was thrilled to be an Emmy winner.

The talk show host said: “I just got a call that I won an Emmy for my first year on a Daytime talk show. Congratulations to all the other nominees. Please no one record this, delete it immediately.”

One supporter replied: "Congrats! And you know you’re beautiful without makeup, right? ☺️No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Yes! You are so right. We love and respect you out here, and I, for one, stand by you! #tamfam"

This backer said: "Beautifully show and heartfelt! You are so right you and all of your team are human beings doing the best that you can in the circumstance that you are bound too at this moment. I applaud you; I have not seen very many of your shows however I formerly watched you on Channel 4, and you were fabulous and beautiful!😍"

Another fan revealed: "Keep your head up! Following your career and supporting for years!❤️CONGRATULATIONS!!! Totally well deserved!!!! Tamron...I hate when my daughter and I were in NYC in January for MLK week you were on vacation, and we missed being on your show...Prayerfully next Spring, when I come back, all will be better, and I will be able to see...Please stay careful, healthy, and be safe...Imma loyal fan...from the today to your investigation show to the Tamron Hall Show...IluvU and your beautiful hubby and Moses...🙏💞"

This person explained: "You deserve it!! I loooove your show!!!! CongratulationsYour show is special because you are special. I wasn’t able to watch much of you on The Today Show. However, since being home due to COVID, I’ve been able to tune in more often. That said, your show is important for so many reasons, but two of them are because of who you are. A Black Women, leading a show with purpose! Keep that energy it’s working for you! For those who are blaming you for unfortunate circumstances and difficult business decisions, are clearly hurting, and my heart goes out to them. I’m hoping they find their peace and purpose because that is where they will start to recover from the angst, grief, and extreme sadness this epidemic has thrust upon us.🙏🏽🙏🏽"


Tamron has turned her TV journey into a real success.

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