Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Updates Fans On Her Health

Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Updates Fans On Her Health
Credit: The Blast

As you probably know by now, the whole world was shocked to learn about Tamar Braxton's recent suicide attempt . People could not believe the news, and they were simply devastated.

No one knows what was in her family's hearts but fans and friends prayed for her well being.

It's been revealed that David Adefeso updated fans on her current state.

'Tamar has been transferred to another facility for further evaluation and treatment,' a rep for the singer told People magazine recently. They continued and said that 'Out of respect for Tamar’s privacy and that of her family, no additional information is available at this time.'

David spoke to The Blast recently as well.

'On behalf of Tamar Braxton , I want to thank her fans and the public for the ongoing thoughts and prayers,' he said. He continued and explained that 'Tamar is a beautifully talented woman, a devoted mother, a loving girlfriend, a dear sister and a special friend to countless people.”

David also highlighted the fact that 'This is an extremely difficult time for Tamar and her family as she navigates professional and personal struggles including her battle with depression. Tamar is currently receiving the best available medical attention to address those struggles and strengthen her mental health, and her family and I will remain by her side throughout her treatment.'

He also made sure to ask people to continue praying for Tamar and her recovery. It seems that her son Logan is with his dad during these troubling times.

Porsha Williams told this to Tamar on IG: 'I love you please be ok🙏🏾 I’m praying for you.'

Someone said: 'Sending you so much ♥️ sis don't want to bombard you but I'm here whenever you're ready.'

There were also lots of haters who said that Tamar only did this for attention.

A fan said: 'how does one fake attention and try to harm herself dont you know suicide is real? do you know her? you ever thought about maybe she is having a mental breakdown im sure you know she is human right smh don't come here where she can see a negative message u have no idea what can happen behind that why don't you just pray for her damn where is your heart.'

Let's continue to keep Tamar and her family in our prayers.

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  • Valerie Martin
    Valerie Martin Jul 29, 2020 5:46 AM PDT

    I don't trust her man David!! I think he is an opportunists! Why is he giving updates and not the family!! I think he made this happen! Well I pray so hard that she recovers soon!!

  • NY2LA
    NY2LA Jul 28, 2020 7:31 PM PDT

    It's so sad when a person feels so hopeless that they think suicide is the answer. I pray she recovers strong, and happy again. Her little boy needs his mom. Perhaps, she shd think twice about doing "reality tv" in the future. Especially when you don't like how other's see you. I would think if I did a reality show and watched it, maybe I need to work on my self-awareness. Ppl often see themselves different than what other's see.

  • Sharon
    Sharon Jul 28, 2020 2:42 PM PDT

    I just cant believe the public is falling for this.

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