Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Offers New Financial Advice Later Today, In A Live Video

Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso Offers New Financial Advice Later Today, In A Live Video
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Tamar Braxton's boyfriend, David Adefeso will be offering new financial advice online later today. Check out the latest message that he shared on his social media account.

He's been doing these videos for a while now, teaching fans all kinds of tips and tricks to save money and become wealthy.

'This past Monday I explained on my first Live YouTube show how the 99% and their children are in danger of PERMANENTLY falling behind the 1% in wealth, power, and lifelong opportunities. I gave you 7 concrete (for many of you) “never before known” techniques and strategies to REDUCE YOUR TAXES and increase your wealth (see my YouTube page for a rerun). Tomorrow I will speak to the young amongst us,' David began his post.

He continued and told his fans, 'Whether you are a 16 year old looking forward to college and all the other opportunities life has to offer, a 26-year-old searching for direction and trying to figure out how to make more of an impact on the world around you, or a 45-year-old currently wondering how you got stuck in the vicious cycle you’re currently in. Looking for new opportunities in life. I will give you concrete tools and strategies to help you BREAK THE CHAINS OF MEDIOCRITY. Rise to achieve your true potentials extent....and your true potential is defined only as the size and scale of your imagination.'

David also revealed when people can check out his advice today: 'Join me on my second YouTube broadcast tomorrow, Monday April 27 at 3PM/PST (6PM/EST)- “Let’s Talk Money: Wealth Demystified with David Adefeso." YouTube link on BIO!#Money #Wealth #davidadefeso.'

David has been making these kinds of videos and IG posts for a while now and people are more than grateful to him for doing this especially during such difficult times that we live in these days.

In other news, Tamar and David lost a dear friend of theirs , and they are expressing their deep sorrow on social media as well.

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