Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Tiny Ponytail And Fans Cannot Stop Making Jokes

Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Tiny Ponytail And Fans Cannot Stop Making Jokes
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Tamar Braxton showed off her tiny ponytail on her social media account, and fans cannot stop laughing. Check out Tamar's pic and the caption that she wrote below.

Tamar is trying to show her fans that she's growing her hair back, and people could not be more excited.

She but her hair a long time ago, and along the way, people have been telling her to grow her hair back, and it seems that this is precisely what she's doing.

'Stay motivated. It’s going to be an Amazing week #iwon 😌😂' Tamar captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Come on ponytail miss you sister @tamarbraxton come through,' and another follower posted this: 'I am done w YOU 🤣 look at your growth tho.'

A commenter said: 'Okay the hair is coming back full force,' and someone else posted this: 'I got a "pootie" tail too. Lol!! That grow-out phase is rough!! Keep winning though shugga!'

Another commenter posted this: 'I understand all the way .. that’s what my ponytail looks like .. hey it’s growing.'

A backer said: 'Sis, they always say people with this type of ponytail start - you know they hate when you keep it real.'

Someone else told Tamar: '...you know what @tamarbraxton , not today! Being honest, I really like the bald head...it was super cute on you.'

A commenter said: 'Remember when Tamar was talking about Trina’s baby ponytail,' and one other follower posted this: 'You know where she from lol 😂 @tamarbraxton you play entirely too much.'

Someone joked and told Tamar, 'Okay. Bend your head back and we got shoulder action!'

Not too long ago, Tamar made headlines when she shared some words of wisdom with her fans.

Her BF, David Adefeso, seems to be really concerned with the life of kids and young people in Nigeria. He recently posted a new plan to help the kids in Nigeria these days.

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