Kandi Burruss Gushes Over Her 'Cool' Son, Ace Wells Tucker - See Her Latest Photos

Kandi Burruss Gushes Over Her 'Cool' Son, Ace Wells Tucker - See Her Latest Photos
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss gushed over her son, Ace Wells Tucker, and shared some new pics of him on her social media account. He's really proud of his new sneakers and keeps showing them off for the camera.

A lot of fans told Kandi that Ace should become a kid model because of the way in which he's modeling his new shoes.

A follower said: 'He got so big and he's going to be tall. You and Todd got kids that’s taller then y’all!' and someone else posted this: 'I thought he had on his daddy shoes.'

One commenter wrote: 'You should really consider him being a model. He models his shoes very well 👌' and someone else posted: 'I can't believe how fast he's growing!! I remember that episode when you were potty training at months old, now look at this handsome boy!!'

A fan exclaimed: 'He's a big boy now time flies these kids don't stay babies long,' and another follower wrote: 'Ace!! He is growing up too fast @kandi make it stop.'

And eventually, one more backer also gushed after Kandi and Todd Tucker's son and said: 'The absolute coolest 💙💙. He is so handsome @kandi.'

Other than this, Kandi made headlines just the other day due to a racy post that she shared on her social media account.

She's lying on a bed, and Todd Tucker is getting ready to spank the RHOA star. The photo triggered various comments on social media, as you will see for yourselves.

Other than that, the RHOA star asked her fans a pretty naughty question, and she also took this opportunity to also share a photo of herself in a racy outfit on the bed.

Overall,  this recent post has fans excited in the comments as well, and lots of them shared their personal stories.


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