Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Beach Body And Some Fans Hate Her Tattoos

Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Beach Body And Some Fans Hate Her Tattoos
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Tamar Braxton has been sharing a few pics lately in which she's showing off her toned body. Fans praise her looks, but they slam her for the tattoos that she has.

'I love you, Tamar. I just can't stand those ugly tattoos... So unappealing. What happens when you are 69 years old with wrinkles? Not so SEXY then. Merry Christmas anyway,' someone told her.

Another angry fan of hers wrote 'Why would u get all that stupidness on your body I’m scared to see who encouraged you with that.'

There were also a few people who liked Tamar's tattoos and came to defend her in the comments section.

'Yasssssss loving that tattoo Ms boo. You slaying right now.... I'm loving all these bold moves. You really living ya real life. I'm happy for you @tamarbraxton,' someone said.

Another follower addressed the loss of her sister Trina Braxton: 'I'm sorry for your family's loss... I'm praying for your sister. ?'

Trina was hit with some very sad news , as her ex-husband, Gabe Solis died at only 43 years old.

He had been battling cancer, and he kept this a secret even from his family, according to the latest reports coming from TMZ.

Gabe passed away at his home in Texas, surrounded by his family, yesterday on December 21.

We are sorry for the family's loss, and our prayers are with all who were close to Gabe.

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