Tamar Braxton Praises Her Man, David Adefeso, In An Emotional Message

Tamar Braxton Praises Her Man, David Adefeso, In An Emotional Message
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Tamar Braxton has been living her best life in Nigeria. Her diehard fans could not be happier for her because she's genuinely shining since she's together with David Adefeso.

People also appreciate the fact that she's willing to learn about his culture while in Nigeria.

She recently praised him in a message that she publicly shared on her social media account.

'I don’t know why I can’t stop looking at this picture. The way he’s holding my hand makes me stare at it. It says so many things. There have been times in Nigeria where I had NO IDEA where I was, or what was going on, but not for one second did he leave my side. He had me in every way. THIS is what holding your woman down is. I remember when @otgenasis said it... and I’ve said this before... all that other stuff is cool “but who gone Fck with you FOR REAL”!!! I’ve had my hand held,' Tamar began her post.

She continued and wrote: 'This picture should be no big deal. But,I don’t think I’ve had it held like this. There is a difference. It's clear that this is where he WANTS to be. He’s only thinking of US. It’s not forced. This is a SOLID man. For so long, I didn’t think I deserved that. Because I didn’t know anything else. I settled for the not returned hold. Ladies, Make sure when you hold them they hold you back. This is what we deserve. 💕 God bless yall🙏🏼🇳🇬'

Someone said: 'That’s because so many people wanna “take” your hand and not HOLD it!!!!❤️'

One commenter posted: 'This is Beautiful ❤️Truly a blessing to love to touch each other.'

A person said: 'That hand hold hit different when it’s attached to a SOLID protector.'

Someone posted: 'I had the pleasure of assisting them...this is real love you can see it and feel it. They motivate me find real love and reminded me that it’s real.😘'

Another fan said: 'Look at God I’m so happy for her ..and people talk about Nigerian man are not good ..I wish i knew someone in Nigeria I will differently go there for Vacation.'

Recently, Tamar said that Nigeria is the best thing that happened to her.

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